Change tomorrow by igniting our creativity

We all have brilliant ideas, but making the ideas happen is easier said than done. More often than not, trying new things is intimidating because of anticipated risks.

I’m currently engaging a PhD research on find right business models through prototyping, and the ultimate goal of my research is to find out ways to unleash our creative potential.

What if we can make our ideas happen through prototyping, as designers embrace risks through prototyping? What if you can prototype your business model? My current mission is to figure out the way to do it.

Mastering the methodology of prototyping for business models will enable us to turn risks to opportunities. The methodology introduced here is a combination of the business model innovation approach and the design approach for guiding you to a sustainable success. I hope this blog provides you with hints and inspirations for exploring possible opportunities for you.

The Golden Circle

I was inspired by the book and the presentation of Simon Sinek about Golden Circle. If I followed the scheme, my project would be explained as:

WHY = Make our society more enjoyable

HOW = Unleash our creativity (as a whole)

WHAT= Identify a shareable methodology to make innovation

Pixar Pitch

Another inspiring method of expressing your idea is Pixar Pitch, introduced in Drive by Daniel Pink.

Here is my story:

Once upon a time, people followed the rules someone created, and so did we. We believed that only few geniuses can make rules to shape the world. Shaking the well-shaped world is even fearful for us.

Everyday, we did what we were asked to do to preserve the world order.

One day, however, the existing rules stopped working as it used to, as the world had gradually became more chaotic and uncertain. As the result, we turned to be under pressure to set their rules and shape the world by ourselves, or just live like a dead person.

Because of that, acquiring skills to prototype almost everything, even their business itself, becomes more important than learning how to keep the status quo.

Until finally we realise that shaping the world by ourselves is not intimidating but much more enjoyable, and we unleash our creative potential to live a meaningful life.