Case study: a book store changed by selling personalised selections of books

A book store in a rural area in Japan became swamped with orders just because of changing how to sell books.

One day, the owner attended a high school reunion and had a chat with his senior friends about the current difficult situation for running a book store. To support his business, some of them gave him 10,000 yen (£56) and told him to send a selection of books. He got a business idea from it, and started to sell the service online.

This action changed the value proposition of the book store from selling hard books to providing a personalised bespoke selection of books. He became a ‘concierge’ of the book store.

The lesson is that this change was made not by what he got but what he does. The scale might be not big, but I think this is the key essence of business model innovation.

Reference (in Japanese)